Women’s Hairstyles of the 1960s

women's hairstyles of the 1960s, twiggy bobcut
Twiggy bob cut hairdo, photo by Barry Lategan

Iconic Women’s Hairstyles of the 1960s

Twiggy and the British “Mod” Bob

No one style is more iconic of The British Invasion than Twiggy’s sideswept bob hairstyle. This cut played up perfectly the tailored mod clothing that she modeled, as well her stick-like, androgynous figure for which she gained the nickname, “Twiggy.”

According to Vogue.com, when looking for a new hairdo to wear for some photo test shots, then 16-year-old Twiggy visited Mr. Leonard of the House of Leonard in Mayfair. He dyed her shoulder-length hair blonde and cut it short, making her already large eyes more prominent. (She later penciled in extra lashes to emphasize her eyes, which in itself became a trend among teenaged girls.)

With her close-cropped hair and boyish figure, Twiggy (real name Leslie Hornby) made quite an impact on the London fashion scene and subsequently became a household name around the world.


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