Women’s Hairstyles of the 1960s

Bouffant flip hairstyle, Mary Tyler Moore, women's hairstyles of the 1960s
Laura Petrie’s bouffant flip hairstyle

The Bouffant Flip

Whether slightly upturned at the ends or curled neatly over like Mary Tyler Moore’s, the bouffant flip hairstyle was the epitome of style in the early to mid 60s. Teased at the crown and smoothed down and “flipped” back up, the trick was getting the ends to flip over evenly. I remember wearing hair rollers to bed to try and keep the waves in all the next day, only to have part of my ‘do sagging by the end of the day!

This is a photo of the late Mary Tyler Moore (with Dick van Dyke) in her role as Laura Petrie on the popular “Dick van Dyke Show”. The bouffant flip look has largely gone out of fashion because it is so hard to maintain without lacquering on tons of hair spray!


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