Women’s Hairstyles of the 1960s

Mia Farrow, short pixie cut, women's hairstyles of the 1960s, pixiecut
Mia Farrow, short pixie cut

 The “Pixie” Cut

The short pixie cut was famous by Mia Farrow in her starring role in the 1968 movie, “Rosemary’s Baby,” and the pixie cut, rumor has it, was designed for the actress by Vidal Sassoon. Ms. Farrow debunks this, saying that she herself had cut off her formerly long blonde locks right after the filming of “Peyton Place.” Despite photos of Mr. Sassoon cutting her hair for the role in “Rosemary’s Baby,” he did not originate the style FOR her. As the style worked well for her small face, Ms. Farrow adopted it for many years.

Other celebrities of the time who rocked the pixie cut were Goldie Hawn (a slightly shag-type style with a bouffant crown), French actress Jean Seberg, and Audrey Hepburn in some of her earlier films.



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