Women’s Hairstyles of the 1960s


Ronnie Spector, 1960s beehive hairdo,
Ronnie Spector, 1960s beehive hairdo

1960s “Beehive” Hairdo

Early 1960s “greaser” chicks were easily identifiable by their sky-high bouffants, teased and sprayed to dizzying heights, piled up like a beehive. If you’ve seen Ricki Lake in John Waters’ spoof of 60s culture, “Hairspray,” you get the idea! R&B singer Amy Winehouse brought this style back with a vengeance.

According to Wikipedia, Margaret Vinci Heldt of Margaret Vinci Coiffures in Chicago, Illinois, originally developed the style in 1960 in a contest to reflect the aesthetic of the coming decade.

The Motown girl group the Ronettes popularized this style in the early 60s, and Audrey Hepburn famously wore a bejeweled beehive updo in the film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” 


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