Women’s Hairstyles of the 1960s

A High Ponytail Style for Long Hair

Catherine Deneuve, half-ponytail, women's hairstyles of the 1960s #60sponytail
Catherine Deneuve, high ponytail. Photo: Parc Films/Madeleine Films.

For a while among my friends, the “pom-pom” or “palm-tree” hairdo was the style to wear. Consisting of a ponytail set at the crown of the head, with the strands of hair spread out and pinned under halfway down the head, this style certainly does resemble a palm tree. With longer hair, it can be parted, pulling up half of the tresses into a hair band, leaving the ends of the ponytail to hang down, blended in with the rest of the hair.

This was a fun style but short-lived, having been popular for a year or so around 1964 or ’65. Some celebrities who wore a variation of this style were Goldie Hawn and Brigitte Bardot.

French actress Catherine Deneuve is shown here wearing the long version of the “palm tree,” basically a high half-ponytail.


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