Which is the Best Cat Litter For Indoor Cats?

Best Cat Litter for Indoor Cats

Which Cat Litter is Best?

My Search for the Best Cat Litter for Indoor Cats

To find the best cat litter for indoor cats, I first needed to test it on my two cats. I live in an apartment and last year my friend gave me two of his cats to take care of. They were very shy and afraid when they got here but now they are happy and comfortable and feel very much at home in my little apartment.

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We’re the Best Indoor Cat Litter Testers!


Now I’m not used to having cats who are indoors all the time but where I live they don’t allow outdoor cats. So, I had to figure how I can stand to live with two cats AND a litter box in the house. I want to discuss the types of cat litter I have tried and my opinions of those. I’m still comparing to find out the best cat litter for multiple cats who are indoors.



Different Kinds of Cat Litter

What Should You Look For in Cat Litter?

That’s not a joke. We all know “What to Look For in Cat Litter.” Haha. Ahem. But seriously folks, there are important features to be aware of when selecting the best cat litter for your indoor cats.

Obviously, you don’t want the house to smell like cat poop. Ugh! So, you look for cat litter that masks the smell and dries up the cat droppings.

Secondly, you want no litter dust floating in the air or litter tracking through the house.

Thirdly, you want your cat to USE the litter box, since some cats are fussy about the cat litter box they will use.

Basically, I’ve decided that the best cat litter review is my experience with my own cats. I’ve given my opinion of the types of cat litter I have used as a comparison below.


Pine Cat Litter

Pine Cat Litter Finding Best Cat Litter for Indoor Cats
Pine Cat Litter

My friend recommended me to use Feline Pine cat litter to start, since the cats were used to it. Since this is cat litter made from pine wood compressed into hard little pellets, when you put it into the litter box, it smells like pine trees! As time goes by, the pine smell is not as noticeable but it does a good job to mask the smell of cat urine and feces pretty well.

One thing, though: pine litter dissolves into powder as the cats use it, and pine litter works well to absorb wetness and dry out the cat poop. My only issue is that the pine powder sticks to the cats’ paws and they track it around the house, and I’m always finding traces of pine litter anyplace the cats have walked. I’m constantly needing to vacuum up wherever the cats have tracked the pine litter.

A large bag of Feline Pine can last three weeks or so, divided into thirds, so it’s economical. I find that the pellets are completely dissolved by the end of the week and I have to throw it out. Feline Pine is safe to flush in the toilet in small amounts.

Walnut Shells Cat Litter

Walnut based Cat Litter Finding Best Cat Litter for Indoor Cats
Walnut based Cat Litter

I wanted to try the walnut shells cat litter because I was tired of the cats tracking the pine litter all over the house. When I found cat litter made from walnut shells, I thought that this is a perfect renewable resource for cat litter, so I bought a bag of Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh cat litter.

The walnut smell at first seems a bit strong and it took some getting used to but it wasn’t bad. The walnut pellets are almost exactly like the pine pellets but they are dark brown; they dissolve into powder just like the pine pellets and get tracked around the house in the same manner. The problem is that now, instead of yellow powder on my carpet and furniture, and smudged in the bathtub, now there are BROWN pawprints everywhere! Because the cats use their box in my bathroom, the floor and white throw rugs always looked dirty. For this reason alone, I haven’t tried walnut shells cat litter since.

Although–I do like the idea of using a renewable resource cat litter made from something that would otherwise be thrown away. Hmm.

Best Cat Litter for Indoor Cats
Cute picture of Test Subject #1


Clay Clumping Litter

Last Christmas, I was in a shop in West Hollywood to buy a nice scented candle for my bathroom. I was chatting with the salesgirl and told her I have cats and want to make my house smell nice again. She commented that she kept candles around to mask the scent of her cats, but that she also had changed her brand of litter from pine litter to clumping clay litter.

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract is the brand that was recommended to me, and I bought a bag as soon as I got home.

Cat Attract Litter Finding Best Cat Litter for Indoor Cats
Cat Attract Litter

So what are the pros and cons of Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract litter? Well, the clay litter is very effective at trapping the moisture so that it turns it into a small chunk sort of like hard concrete, and it is very good to dry up the cat poops so they can be shoveled out. As for the negatives, I just found out the hard way that YOU CAN’T PUT CLAY CAT LITTER IN THE TOILET! I had been shoveling out the little turds and dumping them in the toilet, while the big chunks with the dried cat pee went into the trash. I feel silly about this, but I personally don’t like putting turds in the trash when there is a toilet nearby.


What I learned: Never, ever put clay cat litter in the toilet!


The tracking of Cat Attract litter is not so bad as the pine or walnut varieties, but you still have little pebbles around the sides of the litter box. My cats don’t like gravel on their paws so they often wash it off in the bathtub or in their water bowl, leaving gray smears.

Crystal Cat Litter

Fresh Step Crystal Cat Litter: Finding Best Cat Litter for Indoor Cats
“Fresh Step” cat litter removes moisture

To be honest, I haven’t used crystal cat litter since I moved into an apartment. I used it exclusively when I had a house and an indoor-outdoor cat. The primary reason was that I needed something that would absorb the odor from my cat’s infrequent trips to her covered litter box, which we kept in a closet in a spare bedroom, out of the way of our two dachshunds. The dogs had a nasty habit of digging for nuggets in the litter box and leaving the droppings around the house. Total yuck!

If you don’t have to worry about other pets getting into it or you keep the litter box in an enclosed space, I’d definitely recommend Fresh Step Crystals cat litter.

Crystal cat litter is made from silica dioxide, which is a drying agent that is commonly used in packing material. It works very well and is good at absorbing smells as well as completely drying out the cat deposits. This is good in litter boxes that aren’t tended or used often.

Warning! Cat litter made with silica dioxide can cause intestinal obstruction if it is eaten


Cat litter made from corn

Corn cat litter: Finding Best Cat Litter for Indoor Cats
Wow! Corn cat litter?

When Nature’s Miracle Brand cat litter was on sale instead of Feline Pine, I thought why not try it? Corn-based cat litter has a consistency like regular cat litter so you can use the strainer scoop to take out the chunks. At first, it smells pleasantly like pine, so what could possibly go wrong with something made by Nature’s Miracle? I mean, Nature’s Miracle company is known for all those odor eliminator products to clean up pet urine smells, right?

Well, one problem I found, is towards the end of the week, even with regular cleaning, the box smells like AMMONIA. It’s been six days since I put in new litter, and I can’t bear the smell any more. Now it’s more like pungent cat urine reminiscent of pine. Maybe I won’t be buying this one again, or maybe I’ll mix it up with another type of cat litter.

You never know, because I really like the renewable resource cat litter idea. Your experience might be different.


Best Cat Litter for Indoor Cats
Cute pic of Test Subject #2


Health Concerns of Cat Litter

Dangers to humans and pets

There are important things to keep in mind when you have cats that use a litter box.

Pregnant women should never clean or change cat litter because of the danger of toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease transmitted by cat feces. The litter box should be kept away from small children for the same reason.

Keep the cat litter box out of the reach of other pets. Some dogs like to ingest cat’s poo, and especially in the case of crystal or clumping litter, there is the danger of intestinal blockage.

Purchase a low-dust variety of cat litter to prevent inhaling the dust. This is especially important if someone in your family has existing respiratory problems such as asthma.

Cat Litter Precautions

  • Pregnant women and toddlers should avoid litter boxes.
  • Keep dogs and other pets away from clumping cat litter.
  • Use low-dust litter whenever possible to avoid making respiratory problems worse.


An Alternative to the Litter Box

Can cats be trained to use the toilet?

I personally know of a few people who successfully trained their kitties to sit on the toilet to do their business. This takes time and patience, and preferably a second toilet so you’re not constantly having to move the training seat aside when you need to use the john!

A popular type of training tool is the CitiKitty Cat Training Kit, which starts out as a shallow bowl insert with removable rings that you set on top of the toilet. You first fill the insert with your favorite brand of cat litter and as your cat becomes accustomed to jumping on the toilet seat to do his thing, you remove the inserts one at a time so he makes his deposit right into the toilet. A-may-zing!

I would love to train my cats to use the toilet but since I only have one bathroom, I’m not going to be able to try it out any time soon. Here’s a cute pic of my daughter’s Abyssinian cat, Lisa using the CitiKitty training insert. Isn’t that soooo adorable?

Finding Best Cat Litter for Indoor Cats: CitiKitty alternative to cat litter
It can be done! Lisa-cat using the potty


So How Do You Get Your Cat to Use the Litter Box?

The Best Rated Cat Litter Can’t Do it All!

Now that we’ve talked about the best rated cat litter, you still have to get the cat to use the litter box!

My cats are already established cat box users, so I discussed which cat litter a cat owner like me prefers but there are a lot of other factors to consider. Many cat owners are training your kitties for the first time, or trying to get them on track if they’ve stopped using their litter boxes for some reason. Because, if kitty’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy!

My cats don’t seem to care if I change up the kind of litter in the box–that being said, many cats are fussy about their cat litter.

Here is some information that might help.

  • Select a product the cats will like (more on that below).
  • Be sure to keep the litter box clean! Cats are naturally clean animals and if you don’t provide fresh litter, they will likely go potty elsewhere, like in your closet or in your shoes! Scoop out the clumps a few times a day and dispose of them. If using pine or walnut litter, change the litter once it all turns to powder. A good guideline is to change the litter weekly if your cats are using the box on a regular basis.
  • Use the proper cat litter scooper: for pellets, you will need a shovel like a scoop; for regular litter, use a litter strainer or sieve.
  • Put the litter box in an accessible but low-traffic area. Most cats are shy and want to go potty away from the public eye.

Buy All-in-One Litter Tray Poop Sieve & Scooper Shovel

Things to think about when looking for a cat litter your cat will like:

  • Start with a litter that is known to attract cats. Dr. Elsey’s alternate name is “Cat-Attract.” My good friend adopted a cat that used to come to her back door for food. The cat was not used to doing his thing in a box so he did it anywhere he felt like it. My friend tells me that she ended up using Dr. Elsey’s Cat-Attract cat litter and that is how she got her cat to use the box.
  • Find a low-odor cat litter like pine pellets if possible, and see how the cats take to it. I would have thought that cats may not like the feel of the large pellets on their paws, but I have no evidence to support this. Your cat may disagree. *grin*
  • Try one of the scented cat litter varieties such as Fresh Scent to mask smells.

As I said, my cats are not fussy, but yours might be. I’d suggest to try various kinds of cat litter to see what your cat likes best. 


Which Kind of Cat Litter Does Your Cat Like?
  • Pine cat litter
  • Clumping cat litter
  • Renewable like corn or walnuts
  • Crystal cat litter
  • Other

Try These Products for Your Cat

Pawkin Phthalate Free Cat Litter Mat - Patented Design with Litter Lock Mesh - Extra Large - Durable - Repels Liquids and Odors - Easy to Clean - Soft - Fits Under Litter Box - Litter Free FloorsPawkin Phthalate Free Cat Litter MatModkat Litter Box - WhiteModkat Litter Box – WhiteCatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat BoxCatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat BoxLitter Genie Plus Ultimate Cat Litter Odor Control PailLitter Genie Plus Ultimate Cat Litter Odor Control PailPurina Tidy Cats Starter Kit Cat Litter Box - (1) BoxPurina Tidy Cats Starter Kit Cat Litter Box – (1) Box


How To Become a More Positive Person

How to Become a More Positive Person MyLifeBanquet

How I Got Out of a Negative Mindset to Become a More Positive Person

How to Become a More Positive Person MyLifeBanquet


Just like a lot of people, I tend to be a pretty cynical person, and I had no interest in learning how to become a more positive person at all. The best comedians make jokes about the little things that go wrong in life and that seem funnier in retrospect. I always felt that being cynical was more genuine and made me more interesting. I’d have to say I identified with the “nihilists” more than the “idealists” when it came to their philosophy.

When I was a child, there was a lot of negative energy in our home. I had to deal with negative parents who used discouraging self-talk to us all the time: phrases like “just another day down the rat hole,” “everybody’s out to get you.” Ours was the opposite of the “Home on the Range” song, because we heard all kinds of discouraging words on a daily basis! Of course I fit right in, since I was a quiet and introspective child who preferred reading and taking solitary walks in the woods. I remember some of my favorite books were tragedies: “Forever Amber” and “Wuthering Heights.” Even the Grimm’s Fairy Tale stories I loved were frightening and did not end well (unlike the happy endings in the Disney movies!).

Scarcity vs Abundance Mentality

I grew up in a feast or famine existence when it came to thinking about money. Most days, my father was doing well and things were fine—we took vacations and had new cars; other times, we had to scrape by or Dad was out exploring wild speculations to strike it rich. I never realized that money is NOT scarce and NOT a rare commodity that only the “power brokers” could get a hold of. I mistakenly believed that there was only so much to go around, and you had to be “lucky” or well-connected to become well-off.

I never realized that money is NOT scarce and NOT a rare commodity. . .I mistakenly believed that there was only so much to go around

From habit and example, I retained this scarcity mindset for the majority of my life.


At various stages in my life, I felt that:

  • If I'm not "good enough," everything I value can be taken from me in an instant,
  • There are not enough good men to go around so I had to settle,
  • I need to find a good job and stick with it in order to be a "responsible" person,
  • I am a bad person if I want to spend money on myself,
  • Starting my own business and becoming an "entrepreneur" is a big gamble.


Can you relate? The most useful lessons that I have learned about money, love, and abundance are those that I wish I had been ready to receive much earlier in life. But there is a right time for everything.

How to See the World a New Way

Ways to Stop Negative Thinking Patterns

To be fair, my parents did read a good amount of literature about ways to stop their negative thinking. I remember we had the book, “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale, about how positive thinking changes your life for the better, and “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill, and books by Dale Carnegie, such as “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” I truly believe that my parents did read these books and had every intention of putting them into practice but the problem, I believe, was that they never learned to reprogram the self-defeating words they used or overcame the early conditioning that they themselves had learned.

My parents didn’t know how to reprogram or overcome their early conditioning; as a result, neither did I

Although it is a good plan to read and inform oneself about positive thinking and attitude change, I don’t believe that my father and mother really knew how to move beyond this point. They didn’t know how to get rid of negative energy in the home because of how they were raised to think. After my experiences over the last few years, such as a divorce and subsequent relationship breakup, not to mention financial troubles, I was finally at a point where something had to change.



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Learning to Trust: Belief in a Higher Power


How To Become a More Positive Person Belief in a Higher Power MyLifeBanquet
La Purisima, Mission Dolores, SF; Photo by author

For one thing, I had to learn to trust that God, the Universe, The Force, or whatever you would like to call it is benevolent and not something to fear. In my religious upbringing, I saw God as an angry father figure who couldn’t wait to punish me if I stepped out of line. Over time, I realized that this was not the case. It was like learning to trust again after a relationship. Though tragedy and pain do exist in the world, I do not believe that is a result of people being “bad” or evil, but are random events that can happen to the good and saintly just as much as to anyone else.

Going one step further, it seems to me that “saints,” as we refer to them, are ordinary people who do encounter difficult events or circumstances but have decided to approach them with a different outlook, using pain or tragedy in their lives and finding purpose in it. Rather than allowing themselves to be a victim of events, these extraordinary people learn from their experience and then reach out to help and guide others.

Seeing Failures as Opportunities

Taking a Leap of Faith

My first challenge was believing that I could be single, self-supporting, and independent and I would not end up out in the street, homeless. That was the biggest fear I had to confront when moving out of my home after 30 years and into an apartment by myself. I’m happy to say that, in spite of having not such good credit, I got a nice apartment in the city where I wanted to live, and even though my job was eliminated six months after moving into my new place, I got another job in the same department that paid nearly as much.

I’d like to add that, in retrospect, whenever I have lost a job or found a work situation intolerable, there has ALWAYS been something better waiting for me. Having had that experience has shown me that I am always provided for, which brings me to the next point.


Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

Being Content with What You Have


Nothing is more important for a healthy outlook than cultivating a thankful attitude. Focusing on good things as they happen helps to bring those to the forefront of your consciousness. It’s easy to bitch and moan about little setbacks or annoyances, and I often have to consciously pull myself back to the present moment and notice things that are good and beautiful. One way to do that is to learn to be present in the moment.

How to Become a More Positive Person Be Content MyLifeBanquet

What it Means to Be “In the Moment”

This is a tough one for me, but I am learning. While I never live in the past or get too far ahead thinking of the future, one challenge for me is being just a few steps of the present moment in my head. This creates a sense of anxiety for me, and I’ll find myself visualizing scenarios in my head of “if I do or say this or that, how will that person react?” It took me some time to unlearn this behavior and what helps me is being present in my body. What does that mean exactly? I will try and explain how it was for me.

We inhabit, live, and breathe right now, this instant. Savor it!

Being an introspective person, I spend a LOT of time in my head. That means I often find myself daydreaming about things I’d like to do someday or about somebody I was interested in and what kind of conversation I imagined us having, picturing the whole imaginary conversation in my head. Only over time did I realize that I was wasting my life, because LIFE EXISTS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT, and not anywhere in the past or even a few seconds into the future. We inhabit, live, and breathe right now, this instant. Savor it!


How To Become a More Positive Person Learning to Just Be MyLifeBanquet

Using The Five Senses: Learning to “Just Be”

My method for learning to get out of my head and living in the present moment is pretty simple: I pay attention. For example, when going on a nature walk or anyplace I happened to be, I would practice using all of my senses to bring myself out of a daydream or when I realize I’m expending energy on worrying about nothing in particular.

(1) Listen. I stop and try to identify sounds around me–even in a seemingly quiet environment, I hear the whistling of wind through branches, the distinct tweets and whistles of birds, the rushing and gurgling of a stream over rocks.

(2) See. Other than the obvious, such as whether it’s sunny or cloudy outside, I take the time to notice the exact color of the sky, the motion of a flock of birds flying in the distance, or an unusual pattern of shadows on the trail.

Learning to get out of your head and living in the present moment is pretty simple: Pay attention

(3) Smell.This one is a little tougher to conjure up, but when walking in a redwood grove or near the seashore, it’s simple to stop to bask in the experience of scent. Try to distinguish one smell out of many and put a name to it.

(4) Taste. Being a foodie, I love to eat but now I consciously try to slow down and taste individual flavors in the food. It’s important to chew your food slowly and enjoy every bite: try and imagine how your taste buds are experiencing each flavor.

(5) Touch. This sense is often overlooked when focusing on the present moment. Sometimes, it helps to just STOP and hold onto the nearest object or anything you are already holding in your hand, and feel the texture, the temperature against your skin, and the sheer weight of an object in your hand. Sometimes, it helps to be aware of how the soles of your feet feel—pressing against the earth—helping you feel “grounded.”


How to Respect Money

Lessons from a Financial Guru

How To Become a More Positive Person How to Respect Money MyLifeBanquet

A few years ago, I found some of the best books on financial success I’d ever read. Several of Suze Orman’s books were on sale, and so I bought two of them. One thing I learned from Suze Orman’s book is that money has “energy,” and somehow responds to how well we “respect” that energy. One of the first things I did upon reading Ms. Orman’s books was to find all the money that was laying around, unused. I cashed in a few old silver dollars I had been hoarding and started putting unused change, bills, or uncashed refund checks into action! No longer did I let anything stagnate, I made the promise to pay bills when due and open all those “class action suit” letters to see whether I qualified.

Now, this book doesn’t say you need to be a penny-pincher but that every person can release the logjam of financial energy that most of us have by paying attention to where you have been neglectful of your money. In that way, you learn to treat even small amounts of money with respect.

This is such a valuable lesson that I recommend these books to anyone who needs to reprogram their ideas about money.




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Confronting Your Fears and Beliefs

Reprogramming A Subconscious Mindset

Confront fears and negative beliefs by naming them

The best way to reprogram your subconscious mind is to confront fears and negative beliefs by naming them. Some common fears about money (as well as love, friendship, or happiness) that I have encountered are:

(1) There is not enough to go around. This is another example of scarcity mindset, meaning a “zero sum game.” Zero sum means that if somebody has more, another person will have to go without. This is a very common way of thinking, and as a result, many people don’t believe that money actually grows and expands when it’s being put to use—but it does.

(2) People won’t like me if I’m successful (or am happy in my relationship, or have a nice house or car). I don’t want to draw attention to myself or want people to think I’m trying to act “better” than them, so I’d rather stay in my present situation, rather than attract their envy.

(3) I don’t deserve it. Often, we think that we’ve haven’t earned success, money, or happiness because of what we’ve been told about ourselves, or because we have made mistakes or done things we’re not proud of in the past. If you think you are the only one who has regrets about what they’ve done, you are very mistaken. We are fallible human beings, and need to learn to forgive ourselves first!

(4) It’s who you know, not what you know. That is a self-limiting belief and just doesn’t have to be true. Of course, it’s important to learn from those who are wise teachers but learning to trust your own voice is just as valuable.

And there are many, many more!

I admit that the first 3 were BIG obstacles to me, because I’m not a showy or ostentatious person and didn’t want to “show up” my friends by acting better than them. Also, I didn’t think I had the ability to handle much money very well so I had a fear of getting too successful. These are common misconceptions. But there is actually way to reprogram the subsconscious mind by getting rid of these limiting beliefs.


What is EFT (Tapping)?

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is also known as tapping. It sounds weird, but EFT is a proven method to bring to the conscious mind fears and issues you have with success and money. Naming these aloud while “tapping” with your fingers at various energy points of the body is one way of doing this. Once these fears are brought to light by naming, the next step in the process is to accept and affirm oneself in spite of the fears. The final step is to reprogram, or to substitute new beliefs, in the place of the old subconscious limiting beliefs.

VIDEO: Jessica Ortner explains EFT Tapping

While I am no expert in EFT, HBR, or “tapping,” I would like to acknowledge the help that this method has been for me in unlearning my old ways of thinking about success and money. I directly credit EFT for helping me take the leap to begin writing on a regular basis and helping me to become a more positive person.

You can easily find more information about reprogramming limiting beliefs. EFT Tapping is actually quite easy to learn, so I’ve provided link to a few additional resources below.


Learn More About EFT Tapping

 The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living Tapping: Learn EFT in 5 Min – The Effective Tapping Solution De-Stress, Re-Energize and Overcome Emotional Problems Using Emotional Freedom Technique


photo by:

Unique Retirement Gifts for Women

unique retirement gifts for women 2015

 A New Generation of Retirees

unique retirement gifts for women 2015

When you’re thinking of unique retirement gifts for women to look for this year, remember that gifts for baby boomers generation that we would like to receive or buy for ourselves are not your typical grandmother’s retirement gift. Our generation is unique: we are more independent and active than ever before, with a zest for life that keeps us feeling young. You’re going to have to use your imagination to find the best gift ideas for baby boomers these days. Finding unique retirement gifts for women may not as easy as you would imagine, but I’ve included some gift ideas for baby boomers based on what my friends say they’d like to get, and what I myself would love to receive!

Our Generation is More Active

When you are preparing to retire, you’re probably going to hear this question a LOT: “So what are you going to do with all that free time?” In fact, every retired person I know who has been asked this question responds: “what free time?!” It’s my impression that retired people these days expect to be busy and involved with life for a very long time.

Gifts for Active Women

Fitbit Activity and Sleep Monitor

If you are an active woman or one who is working on improving her activity level, you will certainly appreciate the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband. The sleek wristband tracks your steps and distance, and even how many calories burned while exercising. The data is recorded and synced with your computer or smartphone so you can measure and track your goals. Also included is a sleep monitor. Replacement bands are available. This is the perfect gift for an active working woman who wants to stay in shape after she retires.

 Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Slate DigiHero 3 pcs Small Size Replacement Bands for Fitbit FLEX Only

A Good Pair of Shoes

I don’t know about you, but once I retire, I am going to throw out or donate all those uncomfortable shoes that I had to wear at the office! Once your lifestyle changes, perhaps you also want to add some athletic pursuits to your schedule, so finding the shoe to fit your new life is important.

Finding Just the Right Walking Shoe

Nothing is an important as a well-made pair of shoes to provide support and comfort. Whether walking with the grandkids around the neighborhood or participating in a marathon, the proper shoe is essential for an active retired woman.

Merrell is a recognized name in quality active footwear. The Merrell Women’s All Out Soar Walking Shoe is light but also sturdy enough to provide comfort and durability.

 Merrell Women’s All Out Soar Walking Shoe, Dragonfly, 9 M US

A New Type of Running Shoe

Whether for a triathlete or a woman who enjoys running laps around the football field, Altra has the right shoe for an active woman. You will clock many miles on these Altra Women’s Intuition 1.5 Running Shoes. This is a fully cushioned Zero Drop shoe for road racing and a more efficient stride. A caution, however, the Zero Drop shoe does not have the customary arch support some runners may be accustomed to, but is made for those who desire a more natural “barefoot” run.

 Altra Women’s The Intuition 1.5 Running Shoe,Raspberry/Charcoal,5.5 M US

Shoes for Problem Feet

The Saucony Women’s Progrid Echelon 2 running shoe is recommended by Fitness magazine for those who have high arches, and is just right for those who supinate (their foot turns outward while striking) or who have a neutral gait.

For those women who tend to pronate (foot turns inward and arch flattens) when they run, the New Balance Women’s W1260v4 Running Shoe is a good choice.

Whatever level of activity or particular need the active retired woman has, there is a shoe to help her achieve her goals. The chart below by Saucony explains what “drop” means in reference to athletic footwear. 

So…What Is “Drop”?

The newest buzzword for running sneakers is drop, or the height difference in millimeters between the shoe’s heel and forefoot.

0 to 4 mm: A lower drop encourages a more natural midfoot strike. Some “zero drop” (aka no-rise) styles are supercushioned, while others leave you almost barefoot. Neutral runners, this range is for you.

4 to 8 mm: This range still helps you adjust to a natural stride while providing plump cushioning for high-arched runners or a little stability for those who overpronate.

8 to 12 mm: The bigger the drop, the more likely you are to strike the ground with your heel. This range is best for runners who instinctively tend to land heel to toe and moderate to severe overpronators who need extra stability.

Source: Saucony

Sometime You Like to Take it Easy

Kick Back, Relax, and Read!

Not every retired woman is a marathoner or fitness freak, and she may prefer to spend quiet time reading or pursuing her hobbies at home. I personally love to read when I’m at home or out and about. What better gift for yourself or your favorite retiree than an e-reader when you don’t happen to have your favorite book along?

One of the most popular e-readers is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite with a built-in light and nonglare screen so it’s easy to read outdoors. Let’s go one step further and imagine you’re on vacation, lying in a hammock between two palm trees: the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect travel companion.

 All-New Kindle Paperwhite, 6

Cool Gifts for the Crafty Retiree

It may seem a cliché as a ladies’ retirement gift, but knitting is very cool right now. What better gift than a how-to kit and accessories for the woman who has always wanted to make her own handcrafted items? I’m actually planning on taking a class myself once I’m retired. There are some really beautiful clothing items that can be fashioned with knitting, and there are many knitting groups you can attend to help you with more advanced techniques.

The Knitting Crash Course is available on Amazon for no cost if you order the Kindle version. This course promises to be able to knit in 12 hours or less! Of course, you will need supplies, such as yarn and knitting needles. This starter kit will get you on your way to creating beautiful knitted articles. To complete the set, why not choose a simple pattern to start, such as an infinity scarf for yourself or easy knitted hats for the grandkids?

 Knitting: Crash Course – The Ultimate Beginner’s Course Ostart 22pcs Mixed Aluminum Handle Crochet Hook Yarn Set How to Knit an Infinity Scarf + 9 Fashionable Cowl Patterns Knitting Hats: How to Knit Hats Easily and Quickly


Cool Electronic Gifts

Best start planning now to find cool gifts for the tech-savvy retired woman in your life. She is probably already inseparable from her new iPad and what would make her happier than a drawing and sketching tool that works just like a real pencil? Check it out! No artistic talent necessary.


 Pencil by FiftyThree Digital Stylus for iPad and iPhone – Walnut

Pencil Stylus by Fifty-Three Digital

Looks like a pencil, acts like a pencil. Is it a pencil? Well…yes and no. Pencil by Fifty Three Digital is a stylus device like nothing you’ve ever seen. Acts so much like a real pencil you could swear you’re writing on paper and not on your iPad or iPhone screen.

The Pencil digital stylus responds to the pressure of your fingers on the writing surface to create different sizes of lines; you can use your finger to blend lines as if you were using lead pencil; and the Pencil stylus even has a built-in eraser to get of any stray strokes so you can create a real masterpiece. Connects to a number of apps, including Paper by Fifty Three.

Just the thing to get those brainstorms onto “paper” while still fresh in your mind. Whether you’re the artistic type or just want to be, Pencil by Fifth Three is the hottest accessory for that new iPad. Works with iPhone, too. Software sold separately.